Aphelion Issue 224, Volume 21
December 2017 / January 2018
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Poetry and Filk Music

A Lullaby for the Devil
by Alexis Child

The Cave of Darkness
by Laila Hashem

Haiku #1
by Denny E. Marshall

Haiku #2
by Denny E. Marshall

The Eye in The Sky
by Jake Cosmos Aller

Fay Brown
by Ron Larson

House And Acreage, Eccentrics Preferred
by Colin James

by Richard Tornello

What Remains
by Jean Jones

The Best* Poetry of Aphelion 2017

*These are the pieces that the Poetry Editor liked best of the year's submissions. Not everyone will agree with me. Feel free to nominate others on the forum page! Rather than "the ten best," let us say that here are "ten of the best" of 2017. Enjoy...

Desire and Consumerism
by Richard Tornello

On the Eve of the 25th
by Jean Jones

by ayaz daryl nielsen

Search Party
by Denny E. Marshall

First World Problem Blues
by Iain Muir

by Timothy Tarkelly

A Once In A Lifetime Wish
by Uduak Whill Uwah

Ghost Leather
by Charlotte Ozment

by Kelly Sauvage Angel

What I Call It
by Ndifreke George