Aphelion Issue 215, Volume 21
March 2017
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Poetry and Filk Music

At The Milky Way
by Denny E. Marshall

New Light
by JD DeHart

On the Eve of the 25th
by Jean Jones

The Spectre Spiders
by Ron Larson

by ayaz daryl nielsen

Watching and Listening to Them Passing
by Jonathan Beale

Desire and Consumerism
by Richard Tornello

The Best Poetry of Aphelion - the First Twenty Years
The Best of 1999-2000

by David Blalock

Kelley's Bones
by Brenda Sutton

The Death of a Savior
by Michael Carl Musser

When the Hobbits Fade to Grey
by Sven Kloepping

Midwestern Vamp
by Mike Rasmussen

The Deaf Do Not Hear The Drums
by Iain Muir

The Physics of Love
by Kate Thornton

by Sven Kloepping

And She Ran
by Jeanne G'Fellers-Walker

Hills of My Dreams
by Francis C. Parker, Jr.

Diamond Pete's Snapping Needlecorps
by Jennifer M. Boudreaux

Wandrin’ Star
by Iain Muir

Come Close, Children
by David Blalock