Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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December 2022

Another Green Sky
Simon MacCulloch

Juan Manuel Perez

December's Watch
Meg Smith

Lord of the Labyrinth
Jean Jones

Manic is the Dark Night
Michael Lee Johnson

Mary Shelley's Monster
Kenneth Vincent Walker

Nowhere Door
David Baresch

Opening The Box
Jean Jones

Resurrection Mary
Michael Lee Johnson

The Alchemy of Death
Alexis Child

Thunder Witches and Queen
Michael Lee Johnson

War Dance
Alexis Child

The Best Poetry of 2022

As we lock the stargate chevrons to leave another exceedingly weird year behind us, Ye Editor would like to remind you that the term best is subjective… These are the poems that Ye Editor liked best from the submissions this year.
Your mileage may differ. Product may settle during shipping. Void where prohibited by law.

Her Ghost Dancing
ayaz daryl nielsen

A Moment Through Time
Joseph T. Moran

Legend I Am
S. T. Eleu

No Return
Lori R. Lopez

Alternator Blues
Robert Treybur

To Tamara In Rock Creek
Tatiana Retivov

The Nature Of Evil
Jean Jones

Goodnight Kisses And A Spiked Hairdo
ayaz daryl nielsen

The Abyss

by S. T. Eleu

Pass On Planet B
Kenneth Vincent Walker

Tell Me A Ghost Story
Alexis Child

Andrew Kolarik

Dark Weather
Max Bindi

Rabbit On His Tongue
David C. Kopaska-Merkel

The Second Book Of Wisdom According To Autumn-Red, Apostle Of The Woods
Juan Manuel Perez

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