Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Flash Fiction

October 2022

A Night On The Town
Jessica Gleason

Kurt Hohmann

Seemingly Nightmarish Circumstances
Christopher T. Dabrowski

Nicholas Schroeder

The Best Flash Fiction of 2022

The term Best is a subjective one. These are the tales that the Editor liked best from the short short fiction submitted this year.
Your mileage may differ. Product may settle during shipping. Void where prohibited by law.

The Timeport Stops
David Barber

Digital Bereavement Inc.
Billy Forshaw

Almost Time
William Kitcher

Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Alexis Child

Under The Mother's Gaze
by Josh Clayton

Forget Me Knot
David Barber

Hey, Ho, To Heaven I Would Go
Christopher T. Dabrowski

Joshua Beggs

Like something? Hate something? The forum is this way...

Flash Fiction Challenges

Every month for almost ten years, we have run a flash fiction contest in the "Fun and Games" folder in Aphelion's forum. In the contest, we post a challenge with a specific theme and participants get two weeks to write a flash story based on the challenge guidelines. Then the members vote of the stories, rating them in six different categories. It's a great place to hone your writing skills, meet some fellow writers, receive some feedback, and possibly win a prize, or at least, bragging rights. Flash stories from all of our previous challenges are archived in the Flash Challenge Entries Index, which lists over 750 stories. We lost many of those in the Great SpamBot Attack of 2020, and we are currently rebuilding the archives. As of this writing, I've gotten as far as August 2009. Please bear with us.

New participants are always welcome. Submissions for the contest are done through the forum. Just click 'Flash Challenge' button in the Navbar link on the left side of this screen, or go to the Fun And Games topic on the forums, to see what we're up to right now