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July 2017
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P&E Top Ten Hello, and welcome to the sixth issue of Aphelion's 20th year!

While you read these words I will be attending LibertyCon in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I'm having to do this early so as to keep the July issue on time. I won't have a way to upload anything once I leave for the convention hotel. This will be the last year LibertyCon will be at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. The Choo Choo is reinventing itself as an apartment and public entertainment complex. They may still have a small number of hotel rooms available for a few years yet, but the largest two of its three blocks have already been converted into apartment buildings. There aren't enough hotel rooms left for LibertyCon's 750 members and alll the special guests. Next year, LibertyCon will relocate to a different hotel in the Chattanooga area. That's something most conventions do--clange hotels frequently.

I recently had a discussion on just how difficult it is to live with a writer. Since I am one, I thought my insights might possibly be valuable.

The popular perception of a writer is some unkempt starving artist living in a garret, typing away day and night in utter slavery to their muse. Either that or some billionaire who dashes off a complete manuscript every week or so, then sends it off to a grateful publisher who rewards them with untold riches as soon as their deathless prose is received.

The truth is, as usual, somewhere in between those two bookends of the spectrum. Not to put too fine a point on it, Steven King and JK Rowling are the exceptions that prove the rule, LOL!

A writer, is indeed someone who cannot escape the compulsion to hammer away at a typewriter or word processor keyboard. Though typewriters are becoming scarce these days, some people do still prefer them. Or they buy keyboards for their computer that make the same sort of loud, clacking noises at every keystroke. In fact, I'm typing on one loud, clattering, chattering computer keyboard at this very moment. Although, I merely went out and bought a simple, cheap, easily available low-budget keyboard at the grocery store the last time I nodded off and spilled a beer on the one I had been using up until that midnight dreary. I didn't ask for noisy, but it was $10 and I needed a new keyboard, so this is what I have until the next time I find myself destructively clumsy in a fit of booze-induced somnambulistic trance.

It is also thought that writers can only produce their best work after sleeping away the whole day and madly typing away the entire night. This is another preconception that doesn't stand up to tests. The fact is that I know plenty of writers who do their best work bright and early in the morning, under the influence of nothing stronger than coffee, tea, or some variety of soda pop. The matter of feeding a writer does however still remain problematic. These creatures of the Muse can be temperamental when interrupted whilst in pursuit of their art.

My wife recommends using a long stick to poke sandwiches into the writer's field of vision while they are working. Also, do not expect them to be trainable to eat normal meals on a regular schedule. Odd snacks at irregular intervals are their norm, as a species. Furthermore, the household budget for coffee, tea, and booze will alarm most prospective adopters.

We're a pecular breed. You want examples?

On June 22nd at 8:00pm EST Authors Stephanie Osborn and Dan Hollifield were interviewed on Internet Radio on the show "Off The Chain," which is hosted by Yvone Mason at Yvonne Mason is "Off The Chain"

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Mare Inebrium Collection


First off, if you do the Facebook thing, feel free to join us on the Aphelion page there. The link is Aphelion Webzine. As an aside, the Editorial Mafia and I have found Facebook to be very useful. Given our different locations and schedules, it's come in handy as a way to discuss production details of new issues. Sometimes there are several of us using Facebook at the same time, so it's almost like the old chat room days back in the 1990s.

My first collection of Mare Inebrium spaceport bar short stories was published in February of 2015 by Dark Oak Press. It is available in both Kindle an Nook e-book formats, paperback, and hardback. I also have three albums of instrumental music out through the Create Space self-publishing website. If you like, you can click on the photo or the link below to fin all the info you would need to purchase my book in your preferred format, or an e-book of Flash of Aphelion, buy a CD of my music, or listen to tracks off of the albums on my Bandcamp website. Enjoy!

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Title: Composite Image of Galaxy Cluster MS 0735

Photo Credit: Hubble and Chandra: NASA, ESA, STScI, CXC, and B. McNamara (University of Waterloo) Very Large Array Telescope Image Credit: NRAO, and L. Birzan and team (Ohio University)