Aphelion Issue 218, Volume 21
June 2017
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Serials & Long Fiction

The Lady in the Attic
By Susan Savage Lee
Dylan couldn't understand how his parents could afford the grand Victorian mansion they were moving into ...


*** 20 YEARS ***

New Columbia
By J. B. Hogan
Ari Blanque is a citizen of a futuristic world which has been divided, race against race, class against class, civilian versus military. As a rich young man of privilege, he has never had to work or accomplish anything. However, he has one skill. He is a demon when he gets behind the wheel of his car. This talent attracts the attention of rebels, who need a driver to help them reach their base near the legendary paradise, New Columbia. Against his will, Ari undertakes a long and dangerous journey, during which he learns the secrets of the brave new world which people like his father helped create. (This epic tale originally appeared in three parts, from October 2009 through December 2009 / January 2010.)