Aphelion Issue 217, Volume 21
May 2017
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Serials & Long Fiction

Bad news! It's been a slow month and I have no new stories!

Good news! There's still plenty of good reading in our 20th Anniversary "Best Of Aphelion" collection!



*** 20 YEARS ***

Whispers From The North

by Matthew Acheson
A gothic horror tale about the lengths some will go for love.

Cross Bound
By Julie Travis
Modern day horror tale set in Great Britain. First came the cloud, which blotted out the sky over England for two months. Then the strangers began to arrive. Their plan---to exact revenge against the country that sent them to a watery grave four centuries ago.

The Hot Bolt Kids
By Cody L. Stanford
A steampunk horror tale about sweatshop orphans, werewolves and a nosy reporter.

Vivian and the Dust
By Ken Kraus
Vivian, a young trainee addicted to snorting mind-altering dust, is arrested for smuggling a rare ore from Titan’s North Pole. The station doctor intervenes to help with her cure, but she soon learns that all her troubles lead to the station morgue where the hidden corpse of his lover appears to be regenerating.