Aphelion Issue 244, Volume 23
October 2019
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October Short Stories

Red Lights
by George Rosas
For real, they'd better fix that elevator soon!

The Jar and the Juggernaut
by Daniel Ross Goodman
"I had heard many reports about the candymen; I had no illusions about who they were or what they did."

What Goes Around Comes Around
by Charles Moulton
Poaching now carries a massive price tag. Who's really to say if it's right or wrong?

The Halloween Party Guest
by Gary Davis
This Halloween party is so hype it's attracted more than just human guests!

The Windega
by Harrison Kim
“Well, sometimes a pen is just a pen. And sometimes it’s not.”

The Dirt is Coming
by Chris Wood
"The dirt is coming for all of us, and the same ground I’m walking on is a guarantee forever."

by Geoff Nelder
The Fata Morgana's mission must be completed at all costs.

Watcher of the Corn
by Tyler R. Lee
This scarecrow's scarier than just scaring crows and guarding corn rows.

The Lighted Fountains of Nereid
by Steven Translateur
"Oh great Athena," she implored, "please use your wisdom to find me a husband!"