Aphelion Issue 227, Volume 22
April 2018
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April Short Stories

Sum Of All Changes
by Tomasz Jarząb
"Just two hundred million more..."

Fire Brother
by Susan Anwin
In situations like this, best to leave matchmaking to the professionals.

The Alley
by Gene Turchin
"The cold is like some kind of persistent demon."

by Martin Westlake
Treason? That'll cost you an arm and a leg.

Some Otherwhere, Some Otherwhen
by Ishmael Soledad
A window (or a portal?) to the past.

Recipe for a Love Spell
by Laurel Beckley
Love is in the air! And if it isn't, a little magic will fix that right up.

First Bite
by Jeff Dosser
She's riding that old white horse; or, in this case, the old white spaceship.

Mechanical Garden
by Claire Fitzpatrick
"There is no life inside the void."