Aphelion Issue 235, Volume 22
December 2018
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December Short Stories

The Remotest Recollection
by Honza Vojtíšek
"You don't want to go to the woods? Don't be afraid, it's here, just round the corner, a short way... Look."

Clap Clap
by Nikhil Kshirsagar
"When you think of military aviation, what do you think of?"

One Hundred Percent
by Denis Winston Brum
One hundred percent efficiency...a wistful dream or an actual possibility?

I Won't Mention Apophasis
by J. B. Toner
Are we ready to meet them?

A Steamy Ale From Sthmefla
by Sergio Plaumbo
Some things are just too good to be true.

Best Short Stories of 2018

The Lady of the Stars
by T. N. Allan
She is beautiful, unforgettable, otherworldly; the perfect muse for an artist.

by Edmund Schluessel
Pocket universe? Depends on who builds it...

by Charlie Fish
What are you willing to sacrifice for your job?

Cave Fish
by J. S. Helgerson
Building a foreign affairs relaitonship with an alien species may be trickier than we thought.

by Stephen Tillman
Better be careful about what you put in a cage. It could turn around and bite you...

Beyond the Blade
by Jarrett Mazza
Making the correct choice can be difficult. Especially if you didn't have all the necessary info.

Feast of Feasts
by Mike Kerins
The village would be safe from the Red-man if they gave it their all.

The Devil's Breath
by Ian C. Douglas
The wind spirits were not happy.

The Carrotfinger Man
by E. L. Knox
To reach the castle in time, the dwarves had to face what their pixie guides feared most.

In Hot Water: A "Dragonson" Vignette
by Walter G. Esselman
Don't mess with Brianna's spell otter, SOS.