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November 2023
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Issue 110 Volume 11 May 2007


Archives Editorial Serials and Long Fiction Poetry and Filk Music Short Stories Features Series


Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serials and Novellas

The Solar 1 Incident
C.A. Massa
The story of two distinct races battling over an ice-world supposedly rich in minerals and valuable jewels. Ancient alien prophecies foretell doom if the great conflict does not cease, but it seems that neither species is prepared to yield the frozen planet to the other.

Shadow Dancers
Dale L. Willett
How could Sergeant Pete Gordon positively identify the body of his high school classmate on the battle-field and then learn from his friend's parents that their son was still in Louisiana?

On The Corner of Galaxy and Fifth
Part Two of Five
Rob Wynne and Jeffrey Williams
A stranger's mysterious death lands Trauma and his companions in trouble with the authorities, but he soon discovers that this is the least of his worries. (Read Part One here.)

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Short Stories

Full Circle
Ezra T. Gray
They say that what goes around, comes around, and the wicked shall reap what they sow. Of course, things are never that simple.

E. S. Strout
They had succeeded in retrieving a massive piece of a glacier from 20,000 years in the past. Okay, their aim had been a little off…

In Deep Cover
Mark Dykeman
Sander T. Anderson was one of the most successful evangelists in the… business. Of course, no one knew that he was collecting faith as well as cash.

Manila Envelope
Robert Starr
The key to David's revenge on the woman who had stolen the love of David's father —and David's inheritance— had finally arrived, in a simple manila envelope.

The Door
Saki Channing
She found the brass rod while searching for the notebook that held every poem she'd written since junior high. And then she found the door, hidden behind a bookcase that hadn't been moved since before she moved into the apartment.

The Rapture
Daniel Devoto
Although the Bible said that it would be the faithful that rose up into the sky, in the end, it was the Godless who left the Earth in their spaceships. Those who stayed behind could finally live according to God's word…

The Way of the Warrior
Michael G. McLaughlin
For the honor of the Broadhagh clan and an end to war, Briana must fight the warrior chieftain Kilian of the Coinneach. Could her wits and agility match his strength and experience?

Martyn Taylor
Despite the size of the haul from the body of Donkey and Weasel's latest victim, Weasel knew they had picked the wrong victim to mug. Especially with the coppers in an uproar over the Ripper murders!

The Best Short Stories of our First Decade: 2003 to 2006


Last Man Standing
L. G. Carillo
Trevor was in San Diego trying to close a deal when the Korean nukes fell. Now he had to get back to his family in Los Angeles…

The Treasure of Agrinothe
Sharon Partington
Brak of Calmor was the best thief in the Thirty Kingdoms. But the job he had planned would take all his strength, skill, and luck — and then some.

The Case of Donald Phelps
Cameron Neilson
Donald Phelps insisted that his wife had been taken by aliens. The police, of course, had other ideas. Dr. Lopp hoped to use hypnosis to find the truth…

The Killer's Choice
John Biggs
Molina was finally offering him a way out. All he had to do was kill one child…


A Path of Ramble and Mist
Jaimie L. Elliott
Jeremy only wrote sword-and-sorcery tales. He never expected to have to live through one.

Jim Rudnick
Miguel came to confess that he had been pursued demons ever since he stole the strange silver locket from a dying man. The priest was more than ready to listen.

Beyond Sapiens
Noel Carroll
She had been born different, with a brain a hundred times denser and more efficient than any normal human. Leaving the Earth with only her hundreds of artificially-gestated children for company seemed preferable to life among the inferior masses…

Helen Damnation
Robert Moriyama
Helen 'Damnation' Mackay was the toughest Law Enforcement Officer in the Port Arthur lunar colony. When they told her to drop her investigation of one of the colony's founders, the results were predictable.


Uncle… Uncle
Robert Starr
People thought there was something odd about Karl Reusmensuen. They were right. But if they ever met his uncle…

I. D. Weis
He's a tough guy, hired muscle in a city that makes Bosch depictions of Hell and Bedlam seem tame. Trying to hang on to his humanity and still get the job done isn't easy.

The Jazz-Jazz
Dan Edelman
Every Mandaroy soldier was deadly beyond belief, but Kai Ferracane was the Dagian Guard, last survivor of the best of the best. It was time for him to show the Scorpio Gemfire troops exactly what he could do.


The Importance of Being Khan
Gregory Adams
The crazy psychic told Warren Pohmer that Warren was the reincarnation of Genghis Khan. He had to be crazy to say that, right?

Blue Roses
J. A. Howe
Transgenic plants had all but wiped out unmodified species, in spite of Tab's best efforts to preserve them. What would she do when the last "antique" rose died?

Mike Driver
Jeff thought that working as an assistant groundskeeper cum gravedigger sucked. And that was before graves started opening from the inside!

The Best Mare Inebrium Stories of our First Decade: 2004 to 2006


Just Another Day at the Office
N. J. Kailhofer
The alarm came from the R&D Department. It was always the R&D Department that caused the most trouble…

The Customer is Always Right
Bill Wolfe
All things come to they who wait— Even if they wait forever.

Helen in Wonderland
Robert Moriyama
In the Port Armstrong lunar colony, Helen Damnation McKay has no equal. In the Mare Inebrium however, she may have met her match!


Enter The Dragon
B. H. Marks
When one seeks vengeance to the exclusion of all else, one may find in the end that all the best laid plans go awry—if one picks the Mare Inebrium as a hunting ground.

The Kitten Box
Gareth Lyn Powell
What is the true nature of man? And if you knew that, how would you measure it? Willing to bet your life on it?


A Fish Out Of Water
Linda Kelly
Some bars don't know how to deal with a patron who is obviously drugged out of their mind, but at the Mare Inebrium, intoxication is just a state of mind…

Deus Ex Machina
You'd would think that having proved that some planet's major deity was actually an alien Sociology Professor would be enough for one student's lifetime. But now Robert Landis had to survive the wrath of the disillusioned natives he'd "inconvenienced" with his secular revelation.

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Poetry and Filk Music

A Modest Proposal
Richard Tormello

The Critics
Gary William Crawford

Ghost Runner
Thomas D Reynolds

Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Intergalactic RV People
John Grey

The Raven's Deliverance
James Matthew Byers

Richard H Fay

Skimming Rocks on a Pond, Called 'Me'
Bryon D. Howell

The Best Poetry and Filk of our First Decade: 2003 to 2005


Into The Trap
Dandan Xu

Poetry, Blood, and Cyanide
Cyrus Mahan

The Feast of Samhain
Terry Lowenstein

Snake Dreams
Matthew J Hewitt

The Grove
William Bolen

The Unknown Man
Lanaia Lee


Coming Home
Gareth Lyn Powell

Flying Again
Danny Erin

Recollections Of A Gentleman
Mike Rasmussen

Robot Berserk
John Grey

Tech's Lament
Steven Utley

Steven E McDonald


The Battle is Over
Thomas Reynolds

The Bear
Mari Ness

The Colony
John McKevitt

Goes Around, Comes Around
Jan Logsdon

Meat Machine
Bill Wolfe

OI! People of Earth!
Gareth Lyn Powell

And Beyond
John Erickson

The Brazenest Whore In Syria
Lea Ann Douglas

The Carnival of Freaks
Thomas Reynolds

Existence Enough
David Siegel Bernstein

Fairy Tale: A Sestina
Kathleen McCarthy

Me and My Shadow
Daniel C Smith

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Articles and features

Dream Songs of Lore: Superhuman
Jaimie L. Elliot
In the first part of an ongoing series, Jaimie Elliot explores some of the rich stories found in less familiar folklore and mythology.

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