Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Recollections of a Gentleman

by Mike Rasmussen

My end was most strange,
I'd like to confess.
The confusion, the terror,
the horrible mess!

First came the butler,
you'd suspect it was him,
with those cold, lifeless eyes,
and a great double chin.

Behind him came Jacobs,
with a large carpetbag
he claimed was his mother's
(that wretched old hag).

Then in swept Priscilla,
my charming young wife;
she seemed rather angry,
and she did have a knife…

But it wasn't good Jacobs,
or my beautiful wife
nor indeed our poor butler
who ended my life

You'll discover right here,
in the penultimate verse,
how I came to my end-
I was crushed by a hearse

Down the hill it came rolling,
and glanced off a tree,
then tore through the window,
and quickly killed me

© 2004, 2007 Mike Rasmussen

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