Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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March 2022 Short Stories

The Lincoln Homestead
by Robert Pettus
"Sometimes, family reunions can be a bit of a bother..."

Pieces of Charlene
by Mark Pezzula
"Bet you can't eat just one..."

A Software Glitch of the Mind
by Angela Camack
"Better living through technology!"

Doctor's Pet
by David Smith
"He was an accomplished astronaut who had made hundreds of voyages outside of the Earth's atmosphere, but it wasn't his comfort zone. Tinkering with specimens under a microscope in the safety of his little office was what he enjoyed. This was different, though. There was suspicion that there could be something on Mars worth studying... ..."

Jewellery Box
by Samantha Brooke
"No-one in our family ever talked about how Granny had died. I was only seven when it happened, so I never really thought much about the whys and wherefores. You don't when you're that age, do you? As I grew older, I occasionally wondered. My own mother would often talk about Granny - her mum - and tell me stories and anecdotes about her..."

by Borut Slokan
"Hunting these pagan Slovens is a tough business, thought Ludwig. They hide in the forests like moles, and you have to get them out of the bushes any way you can. But the Karanthanian Duke Valtunk was clear: we must exterminate the pagans..."

Scratching the Corners
by Michael Fernandes
"Actions have consequences—which often come with the inevitable, irrevocable regrets...."