Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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February 2022 Short Stories

A Die Pose City
by Jason Arsenault
"Sometimes, bucking the system has unforseen side-effects..."

Música Universalis
by Thomas Belton
"That’s how the Mogers had found us and how they’d taken us back to their planet for some as of yet unexplained mission. Eventually we were led into the city proper that looked more like a massive beehive than a conventional set of humanoid buildings...."

The Last Philosopher
by David Baresch
"One day, the last survivor will have a visitor..."

The Mummy from Blood's Tomb
by Graham Andrews
"The Valley of the Tombs of the Kings – the name is full of romance, and of all the wonders of Egypt it is the most thrilling to the imagination. Here in this lonely valley head, from every sound of life, guarded by the Horn, the highest peak in the Theban hills, which like a natural pyramid above, lay buried thirty or more Egyptian kings, amongst them the greatest Egyptian ever knew..."

Forget Me Knot
by David Barber
"When the village woke that morning, no one remembered Goodwife Axelrod's husband..."

Space Ride
by Abbott Seldon
"This is war!” said Dr. Autry Brooks, viewing the Earth two hundred miles below through his optic zoomer...."

The Gluttonous Eye
by Corinna Underwood
"The sun was tangerine segment sinking into a bed of marshmallow as Holden stepped from the driver’s seat and held open the door for his employer. Though her cat-walk stride never faltered, he could tell that behind the dark glasses, she was hiding a secret desire. Hurrying was not in Eloise’s nature. Other people hurried things along for her so that she could retain her languid pace. In the car, she slipped off her glasses and let out an almost imperceptible sigh. Holden adjusted the rearview mirror, so it captured Eloise’s blackberry eyes and passion fruit lips. She knew. She was avoiding him deliberately. It was all part of the foreplay..."