Aphelion Issue 277, Volume 26
October 2022
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..October 2022 Short Stories

A Weekend Getaway
by Mark Humphries
"When you're birdwatching, there's nothing like the thrill of discovering a species you've never heard of before. Nothing..."

Brews from the World Tree
by Seth Mullins
"My teacher’s memorial was a small, quiet affair..."

The Puhsan Wildlife Refuge
by John DeLaughter
"As a visitor to this special place, you will be able to observe the Puhsan in their native habitat as they eat, sleep, engage in courtship rituals, mate, and (if you are very lucky) maybe even as they give birth and raise their children..."

The Reviled
by David Starobin
"In life the Reviled had been a great warrior, anointed to knighthood under the banners of Chaos, its oath of fealty sworn to the Black Prince Abaddon, Defiler of Kingdoms..."

The Unnatural Law
by Matthew Cunningham
"She had formed a river between us, and we had swum together, even if only briefly. Our styles had been so alien to each other so as to be barely recognisable as swimming, yet we had swam together nonetheless"