Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Me and My Shadow

by Daniel C Smith

I hate those days
when my shadow
a sudden chill,
a gust of wind
and I am alone…

no one makes eye contact-
everyone cuts me a wide berth…
but he always comes back
in that last moment of light
before the darkness…

… I’m afraid
I’ll skip the news
again tonight…

© 2006, 2007 Daniel C Smith

In the arena of speculative fiction, Daniel C Smith has published over seventy short stories and poems in various publications, including Aoife's Kiss, AlienSkin, Bare Bone, Beyond Centauri, Tales of the Talisman, Not One of Us, The Martian Wave, Revelation and the upcoming anthology Wondrous Web Worlds vol. 6. He won an honorable mention in the 18th Annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror for poetry and was the featured poet in the May '06 issue of Scifaikuest

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