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February 2024
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by Aurelio Rico Lopez III

On that day, I was starving
And there was a gnawing
Sensation in my belly.

To my horror,
My stomach was
Eating my intestines.

Surprisingly, they were a
Delicious appetizer.

My stomach proceeded
To feast on my liver and pancreas,
And it wasn't long before
I was missing a spleen,
My ribcage, and a lung.

I devoured my esophagus;
Pretty soon I couldn't even savor
How good I tasted
For I had consumed my tongue.

As I started on my juicy brain,
My last thoughts were of dessert.
Those arms sure looked good.

© 2007 Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Aurelio Rico Lopez III is a self-diagnosed scribble junkie from Iloilo City, Philippines . His poetry has been featured in numerous print magazines and online zines such as Mythic Delirium, Dark Animus, Illumen, Black Petals, Goblin Fruit, Kaleidotrope, Sybil’s Garage, Aoife’s Kiss, Brew City Magazine, The Shantytown Anomaly, and The Horror Express. His horrorku chapbooks JOLTS and SHOCKS are available from Sam’s Dot Publishing.

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