Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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The Brazenest Whore In Syria

by Lea Ann Douglas

Sh'hath acquired the taste
Come now and enjoy her.
No time to waste
I smell blood on the dawn.
The moon blots my star
And the Wolfe's tail doth rythe.
How fickle you are,
Ickle maids of Perd'shawn.

© 2006, 2007 Lea Ann Douglas

Lea Ann Douglas is a professor of English and philosophy, living in Virginia. Her plays have been seen in Los Angles, Virginia, Arizona and London. Her short stories have appeared in Aphelion, Dream Passage, Asgard, and Cruinnaiu. She is currently editor for the fantasy fiction magazine Cruinnaiu and co-editor of an anthology of erotic horror fiction and poetry.

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