Aphelion Issue 289, Volume 27
November 2023
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About the Dark Weather

by Max Bindi

If you seem
what you seem
don't look so grim
when the lights of the world
start to grow dim
If the darkness
unzips its eyes
in a nightmare alley
if the tarot cards lie
and fate dilly dallies
the devil creeps under your skin
when hell seethes under the floor
well, people cry like the wind
and they are no more
Now rise down, baby fall up
and show me
where you found your sleep
and your black clothes
about the dark weather
tell me more.
If you are what you are
don't brag
about your phantom scars
and joyride through the night
in Death's haunted car
every shadow is on the move
and blood crawls under the door
well, people are wind
and they are no more
Now rise down, baby fall up
if your black money lasts
more than your damned soul
about the dark weather
tell me more.

© 2022 Max Bindi

Max Bindi is an Italian author/poet/songwriter. His work has been featured in several Anthologies of Poetry and Aphorisms, Children's books and international Literary Magazines both online and in print, including: The Horror Zine, The Sirens Call eZine, Better Than Starbucks, tsuri-doro and it is forthcoming in Lovecraftiana 2023 from Rogue Planet Press.

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