Aphelion Issue 283, Volume 27
May 2023
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Star Aurora

by David Baresch

An inferno's might, an atomic plight,
Radioactive bursts, race through the sky,
Here the fury of a nuclear star,
Here a world of atomic power,
It blisters, it blazes, it festers bright,
An orb of gold, a ball of light,
Burning wild, giving fight
Against the ever, ever, night.

And solar flares, they billow and spray,
They reach for the stars in fountains arrayed,
And particles punch, gravity's breached,
Protons break free, they stream away,
And a nuclear surge hurtles forth,
Wave after wave of light soars,
And a mass of death nears the Earth
Filling the sky with auroras bright.

It's a blizzard to torch, a blizzard to scorch,
To scorch the land to a ball of sand,
To a world of waste, with seas anew
Of deserts vast, rolling with endless dunes.

But high in the sky a barrier is met,
An invisible cloak deflects the threat,
The onslaught hits, the storm splits
And nuclear hail spirals away,
It radiates out, lost in space
An atomic flash that slowly fades.

And far below the world awakes,
Unaware of the raid, unaware of being saved,
Unaware of that shield, that shield of might,
Against that smite, that deadly ultra-violet strike.

Let us all say a prayer,
To that saviour that rose to care,
To that saviour high in the air,
Its name…?
The ozone layer!

© 2022 David Baresch

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David Baresch has published with…
The Telegraph media
New Humanist
Austin McCauley Publishers

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produces and publishes music video.

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