Aphelion Issue 260, Volume 25
April 2021
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Todd Henry

by Cindy Kovacik

The day Todd Henry came to town,
The sun did not shine upon the ground.
It hid behind a trembling cloud,
That wanted to weep and rumble out loud.
The neighbors, they fled from fear of the sky,
Todd Henry stood still, his head held up high.
His mother’s voice rang through his ears,
“Todd Henry, please come inside little dear.”
He turned toward the house and looked at his mom,
The metal in his hand felt so heavy and strong.
Again, she coaxed him to get him inside,
He placed the cold gun right between his blue eyes.
He heard her high screams and his father’s scared voice,
Telling him to lower and not make a bad choice.
He moved the gun to the right side of his brain,
And watched them step toward a son who’s insane.
He was deaf to their pleas but he wanted them near,
Now he placed the gun under his chin towards the rear.
Every time the gun moved, his mother, she cried,
Todd Henry decided it was now time to die.
He placed the gun into his mouth just for show,
His finger on the trigger all ready to go.
And just before his father decided to leap,
Todd Henry moved the gun in one fluid sweep.
He extended his arm, the trigger was pulled,
The shot hit the neck, the kill, it was good.
His father hit the ground seconds from dead,
The blood poured from his neck turning bright green grass red.
A couple of chokes and his father was no more,
He walked towards his mother, she backed towards the door.
He didn’t say a word, he just stared in her eyes,
She stopped moving and pleaded, “Todd Henry, why?”
Her hands raised to the sky as he extended his arm,
Surely her son wouldn’t do her such harm.
The bullet was quick as it ripped through her chest,
She fell to the ground in her pretty white dress.
Todd Henry walked to her, bent down face to face,
Then put one more bullet in her head just in case.
And as he stood, the sky finally, it cried,
It wept and it screamed for the two that had died.
As Todd Henry walked down his dark brand new street,
He let the gun fall on the ground by his feet.
The sun, yes it hid, that dark day in the sky,
When Todd Henry moved to town and the neighbors screamed, “Why?”

2021 Cindy Kovacik

Cindy Kovacik is a 39-year-old mother of two young girls. She has one adult fiction novel published, titled My Daddy, The Serial Killer, which is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and has been published in over sixteen different countries.

Cindy has been accused of being  the “Dr. Seuss of horror”. At first, she wasn’t sure if this was a compliment or not, but seeing as how popular Dr. Seuss books are, took it as such. Her writing began as dark comedy for family members but has now evolved into a small cult following of friends and family. It has also created a new goal for her to create an anthology of poetry. She prefers to write about darkness and death and all of those horrible creepy feelings that people are too afraid to talk about. Her work is depressing. Her work is strange. Her work makes people uncomfortable sometimes. But, as an artist, if you don’t move people in some way, shape, or form, then what are you doing?

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