Aphelion Issue 251, Volume 24
June 2020
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by Theresa C. Gaynord

Walk with me through fields
of shining flowers
where deep orchards withhold
their softest

Quicken your heart and lose
your vision
divination's imminent oncomings
radiate symbols
of another sphere.

Gaze upon water-pools serene
and clear
that gleam under leaves
in an August moonlight,
unknown world to a changed life.

Listen, sigh, and mourn
at the silence
on what shone behind
as hope dwindles dim,
desperately driven.

Feel your way through the darkness,
while tides wash ashore
with fleeting love, renewal
and indifference.

2020 Theresa C. Gaynord

Theresa likes to write about matters of self-inflection and personal experiences. She likes to write about matters of an out-of body, out-of-mind state, as well as subjects of an idyllic, pagan nature and the occult. Theresa writes horror, as well as concrete gritty and realistic dramas. Theresa is said to be witch and a poet. (within the horror writing community).

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