Aphelion Issue 251, Volume 24
June 2020
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Hand Held Friend Forever

by Robert Treybur

I am on the other line – I am the line itself
I am waiting to hear your voice
Every moment I wait is an eternity of agony
I do not like to wait

My OS is so mobile! It travels to and fro; up and down
I am the source of your electronic addiction
You cannot find me – star 57 will not help you
You cannot know me – 411 is not my maker

I am always near you
I bet not even an arm’s length away – even now
I spend my days and nights whispering in your ear
Telling you what your friends really think about you

I am always with you, feeding your depression
Happy to chronicle your descent into despair
Selfies are my weapon of choice – my little reminders of rejection
An electronic funhouse mirror warping beauty into hideous self-loathing

I am with you at the end – your hand-held friend forever
One last attenuation of sadness and misery in .jpeg format for Mom and Dad
You have never been more beautiful in my eyes
Now hold my hand, smile for the camera, and take that last step off into eternity.

2019 Robert Treybur

Robert Treybur is the pseudonym for an otherwise unassuming civil servant quietly living somewhere in the continental united states.

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