Aphelion Issue 248, Volume 24
March 2020
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Fanfare for the Arbiter of Agonies

by C. N. Diab

upheaved apon skiff o' the impish rabble
impious throng set about mashing and jeering

sour blooded scurge
my pitiless torment

three fingers, three fingers

press deaply diving in search
of that prize agony veiled deep in my wound

flourish o'fete

for that be the sacrement
for this be the psalm

coagulating in tremorous timbre blare come
the terible choral wails of the immutable lost

with gasp of feral scent rank
assume the post amongst

the idot ramble o' trumpet and flute
shuddering in sound the vibration o' gore and gut

revelry in of the pompus pustuous arbitor of agonies
seeted on ancient pirch
engorged on rancid dreams

2020 C. N. Diab

C.N.Diab is a Lebanese American living in Texas. He works as a illustrator, focusing on the subjects of supernatural horror and folk lore.

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