Aphelion Issue 253, Volume 24
August 2020
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by Robert Treybur

I like to look in windows.
You can tell a lot about people by looking in windows.
No shades to hide behind.
Late at night is the best time to look.

Sometimes I get sad looking in windows.
I look for parents in absentia.
Leaving poor little Sally or Billy all alone—not very nice.
I will comfort those babies in the dark.

I have to be careful looking in windows.
I don’t always like what I see in there.
Girls should not do those things—not Good Girls anyways.
I will teach HER a lesson.

Sometimes I stand too close to windows.
My breath fogs up my view—gotta be careful!
Now my breath is coming… in… short… stitches…
Thank goodness for my inhaler.

Finally an open window!
All my dreams come true.
The eyes of those inside will come home with me tonight.
After all, the eyes are the windows to their souls.

2019 Robert Treybur

Robert Treybur is the pseudonym for an otherwise unassuming civil servant quietly living somewhere in the continental united states.

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