Aphelion Issue 253, Volume 24
August 2020
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Ladies Man

by Robert Treybur

The ladies love me.
They say give it to me baby.
They want it Nice and Hard.
I oblige them.

In my van, my love van.
I am Casanova on wheels.
Ladies love my van.
No need for door handles inside my van.

I love the ladies.
I know how to treat ladies.
I know where ladies like to be touched.
Even if they don’t want to know—I show them anyways.

My van is nice and quiet.
A world apart—only for me and my ladies.
Separated from everyone and everything.
I like to work in the quiet.

I never forget my ladies.
‘Till death do us not part is my vow.
I pleasure their cold flesh time and again.
Necro and Philia together make a happy day!

2019 Robert Treybur

Robert Treybur is the pseudonym for an otherwise unassuming civil servant quietly living somewhere in the continental united states.

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