Aphelion Issue 250, Volume 24
May 2020
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The Ninth Hour

by Alexis Child

You stare out of the mirror
Spiders lurk cursed like you
A flame of suffering
Your flame of woe
Adorned with a crown of thorns

What pale blooded beauty
Who before was treated
Badly nods on the cross

The scorn of mockers darkens
who looked upon you
A shadow hovers
Where no one hears screams

For you it is always night
stabbing your white, desolate eyes
like spears in evening clouds
Keeping order with angry, shaking fists
Heavy and disturbed, you live on trembling

You summon your hosts who console
Despite the evil times
But weeping for fate
There faithless tombs
Dream in blood
Where in Hell deception dwells

2019 Alexis Child. All rites reserved until the worms crawl in…

Alexis Child hails from Toronto, where horror in its purest form is a calculated crime against both the aspirations of the soul and affections of the heart. She worked at a Call Crisis Centre, befriending demons of the mind that roam freely amongst her writings, once lived with a Calico-cat child sleuthing all that went bump in the night, and is haunted by the memory of her cat.

Her fiction has been featured in Schlock Magazine, The Official Fields of the Nephilim Site, SinisterCity, and U.K.’s Dark of Night Magazine.

Her poetry has been featured in numerous online and print publications, including Aphelion, Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, The Horror Zine and elsewhere. 

Her first collection of poetry, Devil in the Clock, a dark and sinister slice of macabre horror, gothic, surreal & supernatural poetry is now available on Amazon.

Visit her website: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/alexischild/

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