Aphelion Issue 250, Volume 24
May 2020
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by Robert Treybur

Samuel is a very excited little boy
He runs home every day after school
But today is different; a boy only turns seven once!
Burning lungs and lactic acid are the price of speed

Samuel is a very excited little boy
He lives in a big house far out from everyone
He knows at school; but he has been to many schools
Daddy has an important job; Samuel wants to be just like Daddy!

Daddy asked Samuel what he wants for his birthday
Remember that seven is a big boy age
No more baby stuff; Samuel wants to be like Daddy
And help him with his work

Daddy promised that Samuel will help from now on
Big boys help their Fathers is what someone always said
Only babies want their mommies; Samuel is glad she is gone
He really does not remember her, only that she was bad

Tonight Daddy will take Samuel for a drive!
Pretend to sleep in the back seat is the joke
Painted ladies look into the car and smile at Samuel sleeping
Small fingers are just right for cleaning blood from upholstery

2019 Robert Treybur

Robert Treybur is the pseudonym for an otherwise unassuming civil servant quietly living somewhere in the continental united states.

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