Aphelion Issue 253, Volume 24
August 2020
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Origins Of The Species

by Richard Tornello


On our wooden deck from the house behind, under our veil-covered-bird-protected jade tree sits our human body, lotus posed, concrete frog headed statue that my wife and I have named The FROG-DA.

And every morning I place peanuts offerings in its lap and on the edge of its robe covered knees with a small pile directly in front.

Two of our regular chipmunks will come before, stand on rear legs, fore paws seemingly held in prayer like contemplation not moving, then after a minute or two grab the peanuts and run back to their dens. Then do it again after I reload the FROG-DA’s lap.

Origins Of The Species

Just suppose once upon a time, a time forgotten in all but lore
there were a people from the far away stars
on an island we call Atlantis.
Advanced in science and technology
to this planet they came to see
the results of earlier seeds
planted and what had come to be.

Consider the recently F18 data camera shots
encountered and televised on national TV
are in all, factual actuality…
our dealings with that advanced civilization for all to see.

Allowing that many millennia ago they, the aliens
gave it the name probably close to our name place
we so lovingly longingly call Atlantis.

And as a joke, a kind offering or what one might conjour,
and upon some statues, monuments,
gifts for and to the local monkey-men of food and manna.
And upon some time, in a few of these monkey-men’s minds,
came an idea that beings greater than them
with offering food and manna from their word for heaven
gave to them.

Whereupon and not too soon a cult developed
a cult to those gods that grew unchecked
simple, crude gave back offerings in hope of their return trip
that we now witness in constant death’s grip.

Forget Adam and Lilith or Adam and Eve
or even Darwin, can you believe?
This might be the origin, the spark
for the modern human growth, it’s ark,
from a joke, a gift to the local creatures,
to warring, planet destroying
the almost but not quite, human biped pets.

2014 Richard Tornello

Rick always had an interest in writing, art, science and history. He studied at The Art Students League in NYC and picked up a degree in History and Asian Studies from Rutgers University.

He began writing short stories and poems about 12 years ago and has published 3 children’s books and illustrated one book of poems. He also translated the poetry for a Chinese-American poet.

Rick has been published in Aphelion-webzine.com, Orion’s Arm.com, Short-Humour.org.uk and a few stories in the anthology Flash of Aphelion and a new one in Rogue Planet Press, "Fantastacal Savannahas and Jungles" anthology

He is a business owner and a technical/engineering recruiter for working in the Washington DC metro area.

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