Aphelion Issue 244, Volume 23
October 2019
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Standing still at 67 mph

by Charlotte Ozment

I spend a fair amount of time.
riding the concrete ribbons hereabouts, .
with monotonous moments broken up.
by seasonal flora, .
squashed and prayed at critters, .
wrecks, and the ever present rape .
of the landscape by construction crews.

But today, something odd. .
Yes, there, I said it, .

In most cases when you are .
flying down the road at ungodly speeds, .
the real estate rushes TOWARDS you.

In other words, you are traveling THROUGH it. .
A matter of perspective I know, .
but one which we humans cherish, .
if only for the semblance of normality.

But today, the landscape .
traveled along WITH me. .
I thought perhaps I was sleep-driving.

The ground, grasses, the ever-present .
advertising billboards .
and rottage on the side of the road.
were all traveling .
in the same direction as I was.

Was it only a matter of perspective? .
Or had I slipped beneath, around, behind .
the view held by the general populace?

I decided to look closely .
at this screen door held open for my perusal .
instead of flinching aside in denial. .
I would be brave and SEE that which .
I would normally turn from in fear. .
That fear of the unknown .
we as a species have grown old with.

So I attended.
and I saw

- The terrain, hard and focused.

- Every blade of grass, its warpage and weft.

- The rise and fall of each stone.

- The contour of a setting that was unorthodoxly stationary. .

The feeling was of being escorted, .
a path smoothed, the ride but a sit for a while. .
So I went with the flow.
and let myself twist with the distortion. .

A lapse then occurred, one of miles.
across arenas often viewed, .
through vistas wearily traversed, .
a lapse of a seeming wink. .

With the truck on auto-pilot.
I tripped the light of the moth's eye, .
arriving home in one whole, .
albeit stuttered piece. .

I think this little trip bears repeating.

2019 Charlotte Ozment

Charlotte’s work has appeared in many unique publications such as “Bindweed“, “Eternal Haunted Summer”, “Full of Crow”, “Gyroscope Review”, “Leaves of Ink”, “Quail Bell”, “Star*Line”, and “Shoreline of Infinity”.

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