Aphelion Issue 250, Volume 24
May 2020
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Looking Into The Face Of Humanity Has Hardened My Eyes

by Hister Grant

the planet will crumble when I die
but I feel no responsibility
when my eyes dim
oceans will collapse
and trees will explode
in amazing infernos
for I am Atlas holding up the world
I am the string that suspends the Earth
and I am the pivot within the Earth
that balances all things
I am bitter beyond words
I have been hacked at
and worse
my words have been reviled
when I die
it will be by my own hand
and as I ascend to Heaven
I will glory in the thought of my betrayal
man hates himself
as he does me
for I am what supports him
oh life giver I
I am God
and I am nature
I have tired of feeding the masses
I will leave
leaving genocides in my wake
I will go my child
and everything you love
will burn up

2019 Hister Grant

Hister Grant has been writing for 20 years, is constantly angry and lives in his chair. He likes Wilfred Owen (and the first world war in general). Death metal is his first love but he now prefers grindcore. He has published one book (Suspend by Hister Grant). He hates vaporisers and recently had surgery twice, once for mouth cancer and then for throat cancer (which he may still have). He thinks you're swell.

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