Aphelion Issue 250, Volume 24
May 2020
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Hollow Men

by Jessicca Bakos

Out of the darkness
From a forest of trees
Walks an unholy creature
A hollow thing

From the front all looks right
Like the moon folk all do
But when you look behind
What you see will startle you

From the back there is nothing
But a hollow eyeless shell
This is a creature
Sired in hell

The breath it blows in
your face as you sleep
Leaves sickness before
it fades back into the trees

Beware everyone
Of the hollow men
For they leave sickness
and death and are gone again

2019 Jessicca Bakos

Jessicca Bakos is a mother of three adult children and grandmother of two. She has been wring as long as she can remember. Her day job is a corporate office job but her passion is writing.

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