Aphelion Issue 245, Volume 23
November 2019
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So Much For Any Deep Space Alien Interdiction Force
Tic-Tac Drones Recorded By F18s From 2 Carrier Fleets

by Richard Tornello

TIC-TAC drones in the sky
Past our jets they zoom on by
Their aerodynamics? We’re not in their game
How they do it just drives us insane.
Hypersonically they’ve been captured on the screens
by our jets from the carriers over two oceans green.

What they’re doing I can only propose:
Seeding the ocean, creating conditions, altering thought patters
To save us from ourselves, my bet, Oh no.
Fed up THEY are with our never ending wars
against each other and this planet, they abhor.

Millennia ago they brought some gifts
Up from the mud they hoped we’d eventually lift
and prosper while building from these wonderful gifts
and eventually joining the galaxy’s clique.

Monkeys are we and ignored the great boost
and turned fact to myth while shitting our roost.

So now they put plan B into gear
And guess what my friends, it’s not good to hear.
They’re seeding the ocean and altering our thoughts
so we ignore the patterns that are right before us.

It’s no problem for them to wait a few minutes
Time’s an illusion for us, for them…
They park themselves out at a black holes pull limits.
The future is now, then a million or so,
simply waiting some q-bits oh so slow.

Rebuilding the planet, it’s not the first time.
Once before and they’ll do it again.
They learn from mistakes, not quite like us.
Alter some genes, stir up the slime
wait by the hole and see what combines.
Tic-Tac drones are just doing their jobs,
Getting rid of these self destructive semi sentient slobs.

2019 Richard Tornello

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