Aphelion Issue 253, Volume 24
August 2020
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by Alex Long

I am the world’s memory of
                        A beheaded Parisian aristocrat.
                                    May I swivel off
                                    Your lovely look and skull,
                                                And masquerade it as mine own?

I long for one single eyeball configuration
Communicating affection.
I crave just one word
Of validation gently uttered.

Under each full moon I
            Morph into a rascal canine.
I would savor your innards
            Stringing through my fangs
Like spaghetti. I like it

I weep into my latte
And howl hiss at my phone.
A lonely frozen orphan
Turning to ice within my
Antarctic of the soul.

I am a primordial coil of chaos.
A giant serpent who slithered with dinosaurs underfoot,
Awakened from my slumber by the           
Perfume of your despair.                                 

I tighten my jaws in your abdomen,
My tongue drowning in you deluge red.           

Blood glut, I return to my lair and sleep
for another numberless millennia.

2019 Alex Long

Alex is a fan of Gothic literature, monsters, and opera. He runs a Bible study and works in an office. You can find him on Twitter @BiddyBiddyBum.

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