Aphelion Issue 245, Volume 23
November 2019
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For Jeff on the Future

by Jean Jones

The future will find us. It always does - 12 Monkeys TV Series

My friend Jeff says life for him is a Saturday-
Like a friend wrote to me once, "I've spent too much of my life on Wednesday and Thursday."
One day it will be Sunday but until that day everyday is a Saturday for him-
I was talking with some friends about the rash of suicides lately-
People say they want to live forever, but they don't.
The number one use of a gun statistically, in a home, is to help kill its owner.
Everyone living has a choice: live or die-
Some people choose slow suicide, and like myself
have eaten or are eating or drinking themselves to death
Some are too afraid to choose.
Some people choose death.
I confronted my choice one day long ago:
I had a chance to pull the trigger but didn't-
I was too scared of the darkness that would follow-
I chose life then- I choose life today-
One day she will find me-
But I'm in no hurry-
One day she will find me
But until that day
I will choose to live and keep living.

2019 Jean Jones

Jean Jones teaches English as a Second Language Basic Skills for Cape Fear Community College. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio and has a book of poems available on Amazon.com entitled Beyond Good and Evil. He has had poems published in Aphelion as well as Horror Zine online.

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