Aphelion Issue 245, Volume 23
November 2019
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Feelings of free

by Sebastian Popescu

Feel the blue sky that surrounded,
Is the beginning of things!
May I come to see thy home?
In the middle of the day!

It is fall, or spring of summer,
Is it just all the same?
The universe that engulfed,
The feelings of blue sky and doom!

Coincidental, unnatural, but created,
In the conglomerate, of love,
I possess your human nature,
Right for right, and wrong for wrong!

It is certain that I am free,
Of the burden of the past,
I posses all good intentions,
I am freed at last, of the distant past.

(for all that passed, suffering despair and pain, to a new home of freedom a home of love)for my wife O.

2019 Sebastian Popescu

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