Aphelion Issue 245, Volume 23
November 2019
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Aliens In The Mind

by Richard Tornello

Into your nose they’ll float
Then to your brain they’ll go.
Swimming all around,
To your sanity confound.
Aliens in the brain.

Up the nose just like drugs
Almost invisible alien invader bugs.
To the brain they’ll soon invade,
Structure changes and things you say.
Aliens in the mind.

To the brain they creep
Halting your deep sleep.
And your brain they’ll compromise,
By the mornings rise.
Aliens in the brain.

Invading while you sleep.
Though at times you might awake,
And sneeze these nasty brutes away.
But should that fail and with no avail
To your central processing they’ll regale.
You’ll never be the same.
Aliens in your brain.

Your thoughts and action may now seem odd.
Your friends now wink and nod.
To live and love, but now you can’t.
You’re an alien bot and yet you’re not.
Aliens in your mind

Up in your nose they’ll they float
the blood-brain barrier now’s been broke.
They’re waiting for the day to come
When all us monkeys are dead and gone.
Aliens in the brain.

Aliens in the brain
They’ll reconfigure and terraform,
The planet’ll fit their alien norm.
We that live will be in zoos,
With a note stating we’re the fools.
Screwing up the planet.
Difficult to inhabit.
Aliens in your mind,
Not in your behind.

Aliens, in…ah ...ah…ah-choo.

2019 Richard Tornello

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