Aphelion Issue 253, Volume 24
August 2020
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Said In Time

by Richard Tornello

Once upon a time a time,
once upon a time,
comes a story with some rhyme,
a story with some rhyme.
It spoke of things that once were here
and things that could occur.
The possibilities and probabilities
were numerous
but no set procedures to insure.

The centeredness of all that is
Unity’s loop is total and within
Given names throughout our times
to match the brain base deep within.

Supernatural, metaphysical, then scientific as it grew
The Greeks had a glimpse albeit mixed with superstition too.
And seers (without mathematical proofs) have a taste,
though their foundations lay-a-waste.

Buddha, Mohammad and David Bohm
spoke of unity’s truth, a middle way, not fay,
which built upon their knowledged way
within the times they had to work,
and brains they had to play.

Guessing why, and how it came to be
a macro vision to be sure
from time constrained beings such as we.
Though pointing to the same result
but against the tide against the flow,
on a reasoned path most difficult
against the tide against the flow,
The necessity to realign with the world set mind,
sometimes getting out of hand.
New ideas, updating tracks to match new proven facts
and holding to the core intact,
still the harder shore to find and leave the raft behind.

These things I know and speak
from experiences old within.
The unity of all that is,
My vision’s gift changed me way back then.

Once upon a time a time
some tales were told in rhyme,
to show the way to act and sway
the monkey of the mind.

2019 Richard Tornello

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