Aphelion Issue 242, Volume 23
August 2019
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Dark and Darker Romance

by Gary W. Davis

Lilith fanged goddess
gives no mother’s milk
but crimson kisses

dream fires of lover
scorch through my wormholed mind
must be her cold ghost

our love forbidden
mummified squirming alive
wake in movie

I’m shadowing you
she whispers in my sleep
she’s dead now me

their love was deep
now lie deep in baked earth
until sundown

paying last respects
forget where she’s buried
face buried in phone

new bride so bad
she outs me on #MeToo
I’m Frankenstein

2019 Gary W. Davis

Gary Davis loves all things classic horror. He has published haiku in Scifaikuest, Star*Line and a Lester Smith Halloween anthology (2016-2019). He has published other poetry in Tales of the Talisman, Bloodbond, Illumen and a sci-fi anthology, Kepler’s Cowboys (2014-2019). Mr. Davis also enjoys writing spooky Halloween tales and has two of them in Frostfire Worlds (2016-2017).

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