Aphelion Issue 253, Volume 24
August 2020
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The Tarn Of OMGLOL

by J. B. Toner

O long ago in Congolo
A song of woe I sadly heard
From Norsemen grim whose course grew dim
Till, forced to swim, they all endured
The brimming source of slim discourse
Where hymns grow hoarse and gabblings gird
The foe of wrong, make slow the strong,
And blow along the babble-birds.

w/in that bog a din of blogs
like grinning dogs we surfing saw...
our moms were cursed by commenters
whose drama nurses godwins law!!!1!
athirst we swom thru worse dot-coms
till versed in omg & cat pix (awwww)
...now smog & sin still clog admin
when logging in 2 chat w/god

I mourned those men, forlorn in fens,
Full shorn of sense and all they knew—
Yet sought to tread those waters dread
For thoughts of heady derring-do.
Now, led by bots through eddies fraught
With dredge and rot, I languish too
In dens of scorn and phlegm, till warmed
Again by morning skies so orange.

2019 J. B. Toner

J. B. Toner studied Literature at Thomas More College, holds a black belt in Kenpo-Jujitsu, and just had his first daughter, Sonya Magdalena Rose. All that remains is for him to achieve eternal fame through his poetry. Thanks for reading!

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