Aphelion Issue 239, Volume 23
May 2019
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Beetles of Color

by Sebastian Popescu

Spectacle of millions of light beams,
Shaped by the dusty atmosphere,
Spread in the phosphorescent sea breeze,
Until the morning, nature of the sun.

Pigmentation of blue, grey and yellow,
Breeze that carry off the clouds,
Perhaps to no return.
Adrenaline rush, into the sea breeze.

There is no escape! for those who dare to dive in,
As the nature of true color, being in shade, or light,
Cannot hide the appearance of the blue sky,
The sun is always setting, from east to west!

Beetles of yellow stripes, sometimes wearing blue pants,
In grey hats, or fully in their shaded blue tuxedos,
They follow their ancestral path. Do dive in at night,
That is the only way to get a glimpse, in true color!

2018 Sebastian Popescu

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