Aphelion Issue 238, Volume 23
April 2019
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by S. T. Eleu

Never wanted to leap tall buildings
or run fast as Flash
   I’m totally fine with Uber
   or the back seat of a Dodge Super Bee
      no complaints

Never wanted to communicate telepathically
with fish
   it makes dinner awkward
   still tasty, no doubt, but awkward
      sashimi shame

Never wanted to turn mean and green
or smash things
   that’s Dad’s gig
   now that Mom’s moved out

Never wanted to have x-ray vision
or bionic ears
   my ex is the stalker, not I
   court documents available upon request
      handcuffs optional

Never wanted a spider or a wolf to bite me
bats to haunt me
   mail order works just fine
   buff bike messenger?
      even better

Never wanted to fall in love
with a psychopath
   Joker’s too wild
   Selene’s too serene
      Tuesday’s game night

Never wanted to care
for humans
   self-inflicted plights make ungainly scars
   mirrors crack
      glass houses shatter

Never wanted to have to save the world
the actual world
   forests, oceans, elements
   flora and fauna alike
      too late for silverswords and red wolves?

Never wanted to have to wield my superpower
interdimensional spacial displacement
   humans zapped into a long overdue time out
   except for on Tuesdays
      game night must continue

2018 S. T. Eleu

S. T. Eleu has been a language arts teacher specializing in bilingual and special education for the past twenty-seven years in the Chicago Public Schools. Currently, they are at a successful K-8 school – Augustus H. Burley – that champions authentic literature and choice in writing.

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