Aphelion Issue 237, Volume 23
March 2019
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A Gentle Ghost

by Ron Larson

Adapted from a story by Mary Wilkins Freeman

Nancy Dunn was not a happy orphan.
She was living with her foster mother.
Mrs. Keene was not a cruel woman.
But some time ago, she was warmer.

And now Nancy was trying her patience.
She would cry, laugh and talk into the night.
She began showing signs of defiance.
Mrs. Keene believed her mind wasn’t right.

Nancy never said what bothered her.
One day, a new family moved in next door.
Mrs. Flynn had just lost her young daughter.
She saw that Nancy took after her Dora.

The two quickly fell for one another.
They read books together and played games.
This caused the end of Nancy’s ghost mother,
Because Nancy Flynn loved her new name.

2018 Ron Larson

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