Aphelion Issue 238, Volume 23
April 2019
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Damaged Gods

by Alexis Child

Out of jewelled eyes
Their gaze is far away
Among temples and constellations
Every joy and sorrow is a bird's heart

Osiris take my hand
Guard me from the reptile grins
Killing me with their cold eyes
The lacerating tongue
Mentally encasing my body

The Pyramids stand stern and robust
The old gods sleep
Isis and Osiris
I meet my fate
Guard me, give me courage
When Egypt is dying

Under the scorch of the sand
The Egyptian Nile vanishes smiling
Drifting around our brow
In a gleaming procession
Cloaking eternity
Master of all I am

Your beauty burns into my soul
A breath of consolation
I could have been amongst you
Yet I stayed as me
A screaming child of Gaza

Unending nightmare
We vanished like Egypt eternally
And became a Gypsy

2018 Alexis Child. All rites reserved until the worms crawl in…

Alexis Child hails from Toronto, Canada; horror in its purest form: A calculated crime both against the aspirations of the soul and affections of the heart. She worked at a Call Crisis Centre befriending demons of the mind that roam freely amongst her writings. She lived with a Calico-cat child sleuthing all that went bump in the night and is haunted by the memory of her cat.

Alexis has had a small measure of underground success with 3 gothic rock and dark wave bands in the past.

Her fiction has been featured in The Official Fields of the Nephilim Site, SinisterCity, and U.K.’s Dark of Night Magazine. Her poetry has been featured in numerous online and print publications, including Aphelion, Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, The Horror Zine and elsewhere.

Her first collection of poetry, a dark and sinister slice of the macabre gothic, horror, surreal, & the supernatural,  " Devil In The Clock " , is available on Amazon.

Visit her website: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/alexischild/

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