Aphelion Issue 233, Volume 22
October 2018
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The Cave of Darkness

by Laila Hashem

In a dreary, dark, dingy forest far away
They all had happiness, until one day
A bright young lad cried out for someone wise
To ask of a cave that had before been disguised

The man sighed as he circled the lads
Telling them a story that had a terrible aftermath
Men fought for years, not knowing what the cave obtains
And of the some that dared go in, nothing remained

The children listened in horror as their heads ran wild
But the man caught one of them as he optimistically smiled
" I will go!" He said aloud
"No one will go near it!" The man exclaimed

"Some thought it was a gateway to another place"
"Others argued it was where logic and time were displaced"
"And far-fetched claims cried that it lead straight down to hell,
But all we could know is that it brought nothing well" he explained

"You see, men fought for years trying to find out the truth for once,
But that was a task that could never be done
For none of them truely listened, you see.
Each only wanted to hear what they wished the cave to be."

With that the man left the children on edge
None of them moved or flexed
Suddenly, chaos erupted in the previously joyful circle of theirs
Each one claiming to know what the cave truly beared

None dared to go near it, all afraid to be proven wrong
Except for the one brave enough to know what's right
He stood confidently among them and walks slowly to the cave with an open mind

2017 Laila Hashem

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