Aphelion Issue 230, Volume 22
July 2018
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The Murder of J. F. Sebastian

by Jean Jones

"Tell me more about this J.F. Sebastian" - from the movie, Bladerunner

J.F. Sebastian was a genetic designer who, in his spare time, to deal with his bouts of loneliness, built toys to entertain him by greeting him at the door when he would come home by saying:

"Good evening J.F.!" "Home again, home again, jiggety jig!"

J.F. was murdered by Roy Batty, for no reason at all except to protect the identity of Roy Batty.

Roy needed J.F to get to Dr Tyrell, and  J.F. had done everything Roy asked. After Roy murdered Dr. Tyrell, he needed to eliminate all witnesses.  Roy had the audacity to mourn the death of his girlfriend by Rick Deckard afterward, even though he had murdered an innocent man, who had done nothing except what Roy wanted.

J.F. will never come home to his toys again, and they wait for a creator who will never come. They will never say, "Home again, home again, jiggety jig," and J.F. will never enjoy their company again.

Who mourns for J.F.? Who mourns for his toys? Who mourns for Adonis?

No one

2017 Jean Jones

Jean Jones teaches English as a Second Language Basic Skills for Cape Fear Community College. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio and has a book of poems available on Amazon.com entitled Beyond Good and Evil. He has had poems published in Aphelion as well as Horror Zine online.

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