Aphelion Issue 229, Volume 22
June 2018
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Wandering Stars

by Ndifreke George

In the endless spanning sky
whose blue is darkened
by the tint of night’s shade
I see the array of twinkling stars
like a spray of diminutive molecules
littered on the sky emdash; and they shine.
How glorious their clasp of love
and their little spark given in unity
lights up the whole earth.
But away — somewhere at a dark spot
where I think is the sky’s dungeon,
where the celestial gangsters hide,
I see four stars wandering
— they’ve gone astray.
They roam in lost away from home and love.
They sure cry for help 'cos their tears
splatter like drips of spittle from a careless drool
and there’s no rain to prove me wrong.
Any more step and they’re gone
And their vacant points in the spacy sky
will mar the beauty of the night.
The earth will miss their little shine
which could guide the blind, at least
And my eye will miss
their twinkles and display of nature’s glory.

Oh Creator, in your majestic love
guide them out of evil and its snare
through the instincts of their hearts
Let the gentle push of the weightless fog
nudge them back into the waiting fold.
Let them return to the blanket of others —
to sleep peacefully when the sun rules
And wake to do their bit
when the sun snores out of sweet sleep.
Help the wandering ones
Guide the faithful ones
And keep us all.

2017 Ndifreke George

Ndifreke George writes everything. His works have appeared on Social justice Poetry, The Poet Community, The Antartica Journal, Tuck Magazine, Bravearts Africa, Blankpaperz, Medium, Poems and Poetry, The Parousia Magazine, Kalahari Review and Praxis Magazine. You’re sure to find him either scribbling at a corner, studying, listening to music or playing. If he is alone, then he is thinking of something new. He loves fun and exploring. A geophysics graduate, he is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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