Aphelion Issue 230, Volume 22
July 2018
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Please Send Me A Star

by Uduak Whill Uwah

Tonight the moon is queen
In the entire night sky, only her throne is seen.

A faithful witness in its full bloom
Shimmering gloriously in the thick gloom.

The height of achievement!
The peak of fulfilment!

A peek through this window of awesomeness
Reveals an alluring scenery of lonesomeness.

Now, pull out your rose colored glasses
And witness the camouflaged deuces.

Listen closely with insight
You’ll hear an echo of sorrowful sighs.

Alone behind closed doors,
Knees kissing the floor.

“Please send me a star.
I really hope am not asking too much,
Just someone with whom to share the sky.”

2017 Uduak Whill Uwah

Uduak Uwah is an emerging Nigerian poet, essayist, lyricist, and songwriter. Based in Calabar, Nigeria’s first capital and its number one tourist destination, Uduak, also known as Whill, employs rhythm and rhyme to convey truths pertaining to various aspects of everyday living in stirring poetic language. His work has been published in a number of online literary magazines. He has an ever expanding archive of poems and song demos to his credit. You can find him at www.facebook.com/whilltree.

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