Aphelion Issue 229, Volume 22
June 2018
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On Dying

by Sebastian Popescu

Is a privilege to die!
It is most of all,
The privilege to live,
Die as you live!

The monster said:
“To die is immortal?”
“To live is absolute!”
How could that be?

Just die as you live,
It is not wrong to say it,
I rather die, than be,
Or the other way!

The monster challenges us,
He said: “This is not a contest”
Die or live, is an honor,
Because one is mortal,

As the other is not,
The monster lives on.
But the seed is dying.
Only the monster judged.

2017 Sebastian Popescu

Sebastian in his own words:
"I come from a family of writers, (my grandfather, Panait Popescu, published the novel: "LIMPING FOOL" (in Romanian "Mascariciul Shiop") in the '70s.

My parents are English/French/Romanian teachers and both of them speak the Roman's languages. I come from a family where good & proper notion of education includes extended writing in Romanian and later on in life English.

I learned English when I was 14, but did not speak fluently until I turned 17. I adore the language, because it is very grammatically structured, and I consider English as a noble country's world wide speaking language.

My love for poetry started when I was 13 years old, I fell in love, and started to write my sincere compliments through love letters in verse. I love the girls, and wanted to give them flowers & poetry, and they loved it too."

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