Aphelion Issue 229, Volume 22
June 2018
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On Being Held Up

On A Path To Madness

by Richard Tornello

Consider memory, consider dreams.
Dreams originate in the brain where memory resides.
Forms, actions, histories, fears and what have you,
with some that are vividly recalled can seem to be quite real even now, even though its memory or dreamory, the recall process of the not now real.

Over time, from the brain's own memory
Of reality and dreams, might they become mixed?
Or consider, held in a back ally?
And from that, using simple Freudian terminology, might not the id blackmail the superego with dreams overlaying and forcing a new reality at a later date?
Or might the brain just leak memories and dreams to the point
where conscience working memory actually takes this historical jumble as real, or both to some degree, benign but true, maybe?

Think back on an old movie and what you thought you remembered, and viewing it again, surprised at the differences.
Then consider your current thoughts and how they might be manipulated by just such a mish-mosh of now, then, and never was.

2017 Richard Tornello

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