Aphelion Issue 224, Volume 21
December 2017 / January 2018
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Poets in Mordor

by ayaz daryl nielsen

About your subversive
poetic counter-narrative
to the collective obsession
and bull-incompetence
of current opinion,
you’ve come this far-
you can’t turn away.
Your words are afire,
upsetting their money carts
and curdling their pablum.
Don’t resist a needed
malcontent as reliable
edginess and keen insights
reveal hidden truths within
these troll-dark times.

2017 ayaz daryl nielsen

ayaz daryl nielsen, veteran, hospice nurse, ex-roughneck (as on oil rigs) lives in Longmont, Colorado, USA. Editor of bear creek haiku (26+ years/135+ issues) with poetry published worldwide (and deeply appreciated), he also is online at: bear creek haiku - poetry, poems and info

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