Aphelion Issue 229, Volume 22
June 2018
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Pockmarked Teenagers

by Eric Roth

They wear gene splices like new haircuts,
whiskers protruding from the corners of their lips
and retractable claws hidden in each of their fingertips.
They stare out at rain-shined streets through piss-yellow eyes
with oblong pupils, and each of them thinks: I donít give a hoot about my parentsí
valuesóthe stale morals of yesteryear. Iím not even entirely human
anymore. Iíve evolved past that. This will be the generation
that makes it. Years from now, theyíll look back on us
and say, "They did it right".

© 2014 Eric Roth

Eric Roth is a lifelong fan of science fiction, fantasy, and all things spectacular and strange. By day, he is a network technician.

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