Aphelion Issue 230, Volume 22
July 2018
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Black Umbrella Special

by J.D. DeHart

The quaint curbside café all know and love
has the perfect solution
(space being at premium, overcrowding such a problem,
after all, in this world of ours):
Order one drink blue, then another the same shade
instead of the customary red follow-up beverage
containing the mind-clearing antidote, so when
they bring out that second azure flow
with a decorative black umbrella draped over
the sippy side, the waitress will say:
'Thank you for your selflessness',
And who knows?
She may even offer a special going away surprise
(wink wink)
for that final happy hour act, then it's
all fleeting, the menu waving goodbye,
the kind young cooks blowing greasy kisses.

© 2014 J.D. DeHart

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. His first chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is due this fall and his blog is jddehart.blogspot.com

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