Aphelion Issue 230, Volume 22
July 2018
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From Fire, To Wheel, To Sky

by Peter Adamakakis

These blended increments
fused and smudged
to give the impression of smooth transition
from fire
to wheel
to sky
where we kissed the gods and enslaved
all who didn't comprehend the knowledge.

We were keen then, eager to devour
every new philosophy and word
Fervent in our need for understanding -

And so created magic and
realms only for the chaste and
none should pass the padlocked gates
without tithing part of life and limb.

These bold accomplishments
carved in stone and held sacred
above all humanity and reason -
we judged and were judged, enslaved
by the fear of all-too-human lusts.

Not so keen now for the mystery,
I hunger more for rationality and reasons
other than the age-old superstitions -
I will not cower under any magic kingdom man-made
nor will I accept the weakest answers -

Standing along with all who dissented,
all who questioned and would not comply,

From fire
to wheel
to sky -
I stroke the stars.

© 2013 Peter Adamakakis

Peter Adamakakis was born in 1964, and still loves old sci-fi and horror, as cheap and plastic as he can get it.

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