Aphelion Issue 230, Volume 22
July 2018
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Let There Be Light!

by Iain Muir and Mark Edgemon

Gleaming silver cobwebs by AI design stretched to catch the sun's radiation.
Solar winds ruffle. Closer to home, moon domes reflect the fading constellations.
Sirius winks out; red giants incinerate; Orion goes dark. Mass/electronvolt conversion.
Black holes gape; torn, then incinerated, matter dies screaming; molecular infrastructures dematerialize.

Entropy wins, again. Planetary rotation stills: one face turned, then turned away.
Ice creeps down, freezing creation solid. The moon falls in granular fragments,
Teardrops of moonrock descend from heaven, ash on the wind. Cosmic dust...us?
Who mourns the universe? Neither prophet nor poet? Who remains to weep?

A new star sputters and sparks; stellar nursery born of ancient darkness and future fire.
Comet-stuff coalesces from a quantum fluctuation. Let there be light! Shadow's translucent cover recedes.
Helices form, twisting three dimensional space, birthing life anew; nebula's protostar genesis.
Warmth brings life and new beginnings. Intelligence stirs again. Creation stretches forevermore!

© 2013 Iain Muir and Mark Edgemon

This piece arose out of a challenge in the Forums, three words at a time. It was fun to do, and often lead to much head scrtaching of the "Huh? Where did that come from?" variety.

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