Aphelion Issue 244, Volume 23
October 2019
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Last Thoughts of a Cosmic Fighter Pilot

Richard H. Fay

Shields and thrusters spent;
Photon cannon dead.
Adrift on the line
As saucers break through.

Warning sirens blare
While fried circuits blow.
Smoke blurs reddened sight
As I think of you.

Recall soft green grass
Beneath our bare feet.
Hear birds sing sweetly
As they welcome spring.

Spy your smiling face;
Taste your loving lips.
Feel heated passion
As my ship explodes.

© 2011 Richard H. Fay

Richard H. Fay is an author, artist, and home school dad who resides in Upstate New York. He is inspired by medieval history, myth, and legend, and the classics of fantasy literature. His diverse and interconnected interests drive his artistic endeavour. He writes fantasy prose and poetry, as well as dabbling in science fiction and horror. Recently he has decided to begin writing as more than just a sideline, although he has been writing seriously since the 1980s.

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