Aphelion Issue 260, Volume 25
April 2021
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In the Closet

by Christopher T. Dabrowski

Translated from Polish by Julia Mraczny

Barbara thought she heard the doorbell. Despite the anxiety, she opened it.

Stefan, seeing his frightened wife, immediately guessed. He was surprised, however, that he had barely entered and she turned her back on him… He followed her to the living room. She stood in front of the closet.

”What a bitch! I'll kill her, but first, him!”

She opened the closet and Stefan saw himself, dead.

She’d killed him! He'd probably faint if he wasn't a ghost.

* * *

Luckily, when she opened the door, there was nobody there.

She killed an alcoholic tyrant. But what to do with the body now?

2021 Christopher T. Dabrowski

Christopher T. Dabrowski is a Polish author and scriptwriter, and has published in many places:
USA: "Escape" (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press), "Anomaly" (2020 - Royal Hawaiian Press)
Spain:"La fuga" (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press), "Anomalia" (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press)
Germany: "Die Anomalie" (2020 - Der Romankiosk)
Poland: "Deathbirth" (2008 - Armoryka publishing house),
"Anima vilis" (2010 - Initium publishing house),
"Grobbing" (2012 - Novae Res publishing house),
"Deathbirth and other stories" (2012 & 2017 - Agharta & Armoryka publishing house),
"Z życia Dr Abble" (2013 - Agharta publishing house),
"Orgazmokalipsa" (2016 - Alternatywne publishing house),
"Anomalia" (2016 - Forma publishing house),
"Ucieczka" (2017 - Dom Horroru publishing house) &
"Nie w inność" (2019 - Waspos publishing house.)
He has contributed to anthologies published in the USA, England, Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, Germany & India, and has stories in PLAYBOY in the Slovak, USA, English, Czech , Russian, Brasilian, Spanish, Argentinian, German, Italian, Hungarian, Mexican, Albanian, & Nigerian editions.

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